• «Coffee aroma»

“Coffee aroma”, worth € 10.00, offers you a choice of six amazing flavors of freshly roasted natural ground coffee in drip bags (100% ARABICA).

In packing 10 drip-packages on 10 gr. (100 gr.).

Types of Coffee Go:

  •  Classic Colombia;
  •  Bitter almonds;
  •  Irish cream;
  •  Orange;
  •  Cherries;
  •  Whiskey with cream;
  •  Classic caffeine free;
  •  MIX (2 servings of each taste)

Coffee with organic Reishi (Ganodermalucidum) also known as “King of herbs”, “Imperial mushroom” - strengthens the heart, blood vessels, lungs, bronchi, nervous system, pancreas, improves immunity, helps eliminate toxins, is a natural antioxidant.

Natural healthy composition, great taste and fascinating aroma in each cup.

Coffee is grown in Columbia, imported and packaged in Novorossiysk.

100% Colombian Arabica.

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According to your recommendation, the club pays a commission of 10% of its value for the sale of “Coffee Aroma”.

«Coffee aroma»

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