• Package of IT services

If you have an IDEA, perhaps, Brilliant, and you want to create a project with high quality, automated, beautiful and effective, but you do not know:

- How to implement the technical side?


- You do not have enough time to do this?


- Do you need someone to help you do this quickly?

If you need to conduct a series of free webinars, and then paid ...

Our Team is ready to support you in the process and enjoy the results with you.

So, if you have an IDEA.

What do we do next with pleasure:

We communicate with you (free consultation on Skype).

We agree on a cooperation plan.

We approve the name of the project, its concept and strategy.

We help to form a brand leading project (or leading).

We coordinate the content of the project (program, text, chips).

Create a project style (for landing and slides).

Create a Landing Page of the project (the selling page of your project).

We attach your domain.

Add a registration form, a form of payment, an affiliate program.

We connect the automated payment system.

We connect alerts for participants to e-mail.

We test two platforms for webinars, we form links.

We suggest how best to create websites for an online project.

We place a banner and information about free webinars on the "First International Webinar Portal" on the calendar.

We provide a platform for 3 free webinars.

We moderate your webinars, we help with the presentation, we include video recording of the webinar.

We work with participants during the webinar (technical issues).

Helps complete webinars.

After the free webinar, we do a newsletter to all who register for the webinar with video recording and promotions on the next page. webinar

The trainer is given 1 free feedback after the webinar.

We transfer videos of webinars and subscribers of free webinars to the trainer.

We help create a closed group for participants of paid webinars in Skype.

We pack the records of a paid project, create a beautiful 3D box and add it to the same Landing Page (included in the project cost), or create a new LP with the placement of the box, setting up a payment and automatically sending a record of the paid project (for an additional charge of $ 90).

We communicate on Skype in the process.

We continue to do new projects together!

All items can be flexible, supplemented, changed and improved according to your desire.

The IT services package includes the organization of a webinar and the leasing of software and server capacities of the Kent Webinar webinar platform. The service is provided to businesses and individuals.

Package of IT services

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